Savannah Cushion Cover
Savannah Cushion Cover
Savannah Cushion Cover
Savannah Cushion Cover
Savannah Cushion Cover

Savannah Cushion Cover

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Africa with its mighty jungles full of exotic mammals and vast lands full of diverse cultures is a treasure trove of fantastical arts that speak of history, values, and traditions. Every country on the African continent is home to unique aesthetics, just waiting to reel you in. The Red Island has continued to inspire us, and we bring to you a collection that dives much deeper and merges different design elements together. ‘Africana 2.0’ translates the vibrancy and the dynamic nature of Africa and brings you creations that are handcrafted, authentic in spirit, and considered.


Adorn your abode with our Savannah cushions and effortlessly bring in the mysterious allure of the Red Island in your living spaces. Crafted from cotton flax material, their stunning exterior is detailed with a striking print that showcases a wild image of the forests of Africa and the animals that reside in them. The cushions are finished with neat hems, cotton lining, and a row of coconut shell buttons.


• Front: Print on cotton flax with embroidered detail
• Back: Cotton flax with Coconut shell buttons
• Lining: 100% Cotton

• Spot clean only

Let these cushions unleash the creative side that resides within you! Mix and match patterns, colours, and textures to create an interesting study of juxtapositions that add comfort and style to your home. Explore cushion options from Africana 2.0 for natural pairings and striking combinations.