A haven for culinary enthusiasts, our gourmet offerings are hearty, indulgent, and have the ability to create memories.

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Our delicious fare is

about respecting the flow

and integrity of nature.

The offerings at the café are simple, seasonal, and sustainable, encouraging guests to eat well while staying anchored by something deeper. Our delicious fare at the café is about respecting the flow and integrity of nature. Our chef, Neimat Sethi follows the Friends of the Earth theory, which promotes the sustainable use of earth’s resources. The menu is seasonal and largely plant-based, yet features a carefully considered selection of meat, fish and dairy. We use only locally sourced ingredients, organic vegetables and fruits, homegrown herbs, and all our milk is A2 grade lactose-free. Plastics have no place in our planet, and this applies at Artisan Lab too.

Eating well

should be

for everyone.

We've marked our menu to help you navigate food intolerances. Those who are gluten or dairy-free will also find plenty to enjoy. If you have any other dietary requirements, do let our staff know and we'll try our best to accommodate your needs here at Artisan Lab. Our planet as we know is changing. It's time we changed our habits too. Join us on our journey to living a sustainable, low-impact hearty, nourishing meal at a time.

Seasonal Menu

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