Pardus Platter
Pardus Platter
Pardus Platter
Pardus Platter
Pardus Platter
Pardus Platter
Pardus Platter

Pardus Platter

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Africa with its mighty jungles full of exotic mammals and vast lands full of diverse cultures is a treasure trove of fantastical arts that speak of history, values, and traditions. Every country on the African continent is home to unique aesthetics, just waiting to reel you in. The Red Island has continued to inspire us, and we bring to you a collection that dives much deeper and merges different design elements together. ‘Africana 2.0’ translates the vibrancy and the dynamic nature of Africa and brings you creations that are handcrafted, authentic in spirit, and considered.


Africana 2.0 brings you a collection of stoneware that is handmade by Indian artisans. Densely packed clay baked at high-firing temperatures results in a kind of earthenware that is durable and resistant to wear for a long time. Sleek and striking, these platters are all about entertaining loved ones. Place delightful canapes and more on them and let their subtle exterior create a lovely backdrop for your culinary masterpieces. Wait for the moment when the lethal look of the leaping leopards entraps your audience.


• Stoneware

• 100% Handmade
• Dishwasher Safe
• Microwave Safe
• Food Safe

The Africana collection is a result of our love for the handmade and the artisanal.

We beckon you to set off an African adventure that celebrates the artistry of nature with our signature stoneware. Crafted by hand, it presents unique irregularities that make every piece you bring home something to be treasured & cherished.

Stoneware is a material that gains its name for its stone-like abilities and has been used for creating pieces for the home that will last a while. We suggest you marry various designs and styles to create a personal collection that speaks to your aesthetics for years to come.