Fatima Cup & Saucer
Fatima Cup & Saucer
Fatima Cup & Saucer
Fatima Cup & Saucer
Fatima Cup & Saucer
Fatima Cup & Saucer

Fatima Cup & Saucer

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Crafted to deliver a luxurious experience, the Fatima Collection has been expertly made from fine bone china. The crisp translucency of the material contrasts brilliantly with the shades of azure and 24-carat gold that brings alive intricate design elements that promise good fortune and luck. Elevating every sip, these elegant cup & saucer sets have a charming exterior. Whether you are savouring your favourite beverage with a loved one or serving up a tasteful tea-service, they will delight every time.


Immaculately designed to celebrate true abundance, the Fatima Collection is inspired by the ancient lands of Morocco. Find the Hand of The Goddess, a mystical talisman known for its powers to bring good luck, adorned over the delicate porcelain skin. Every creation is a reflection of the mysterious city of Marrakesh that is translated through traditional motifs and geometric patterns.


• Fine Bone China accented with 24 - carat gold

• Hand wash with mild detergent in warm water.
• Not Microwave or Dishwasher safe.
• Dry with a soft cloth.

The Fatima Collection has been designed, keeping in mind the age-old tradition of passing on elegant crockery to one's children and makes for a perfect modern-day heirloom. Every piece of the collection can be mixed & matched with other solid-hued creations to deliver different looks.