Decanters  - Carafe de Joie
Decanters  - Carafe de Joie
Decanters  - Carafe de Joie

Decanters - Carafe de Joie

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Our vast Glassware collection has been crafted meticulously to deliver pieces that delight. They evoke the art of entertaining within you and nudge you to indulge. Whether it is a satisfying sip of water, a delectable taste of the finest spirits or a splash of fun beverages, our glassware caters to all occasions with ease and poise.


Crafted to perfection, our Glassware edit has been designed to deliver an old-world charm. Aiding you in achieving the perfect sip, every piece has been thoughtfully crafted from quality glass. Experience the harmonious balance between form and function in our vast glassware collection.


100% Glass

Dishwasher Safe

0.75 L - 47 1/2 oz
h 22.4 cm - h 8 7/8 ''
Ø 18 cm - Ø 7 ''

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