Carafe de Joie - Rose
Carafe de Joie - Rose
Carafe de Joie - Rose
Carafe de Joie - Rose
Carafe de Joie - Rose

Carafe de Joie - Rose

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Carafe de Joie (Decanter of joy) - This elegant collection of decanters elevates the simple act of pouring a beverage and evokes the art of entertaining, bubbling within you. From an intimate evening with loved ones to a social event, these decanters hint at the promise of a good time.


Our Carafe de Joie collection celebrates the essence of life and pours joy into precious moments of togetherness. Crafted from fine glass that clinks with a pleasing sound, the rounded decanters are topped with an antique brass stopper adorned with a pink-hued rose quartz crystal.

• Glass, Antique Brass, Rose Quartz


• Hand wash only.
• Do not put in the dishwasher.

These elegant decanters are versatile and make for a great addition to your entertaining space or bar. Use them to serve a variety of beverages ranging from fine wine to sweet juices or even some water touched with lemon slices & mint leaves.