Laiton Hurricane
Laiton Hurricane
Laiton Hurricane

Laiton Hurricane

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With the ability to transform spaces, our gleaming collection of lanterns & hurricanes will add character and grandeur to your home. They are crafted from sleek materials and will illuminate every corner they grace. Place fragrant candles and let them shine, and set the mood for intimate gatherings and celebratory soirees.


Crafted from materials that shine brightly once illuminated with firelight, this Laiton Hurricane is made from glass and stainless steel.


• Stainless Steel & Glass

• Ensure the lantern is cold and wipe with a damp, soft cloth.
• Ensure nothing abrasive is used on the metal or glass surface of the lantern.
• Dry thoroughly after cleaning.
• Our lanterns are designed for indoor and outdoor use. When using outdoors we recommend that lanterns are stored inside after use and not left outside for long periods of time.
• Never leave a lantern unattended and extinguish all candles when leaving a room.
• Do not put anything else inside the lantern, other than a candle, when lit.

Place and light pillar candles inside and let the soft glow of the firelight transcend your space instantly.

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