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Aventurine Candle | Fragrance Crystal Candles

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They tantalise senses and spread calmness. Our range of fragrance crystal candles are hand-crafted & hand-poured with custom blended essential oils. Made from 100% organic soy wax, they come in 9 lovely fragrances and are further infused with crystals that channel energies and emotions. Once revealed, tuck them away as keepsakes to remind you of their power.


Experinece the heady fragrance of the mysterious spice route that blends Indonesian patchouli, cinnamon, resin and exotic spices. The fragrant candle is infused with an Aventurine crystal, a stone that is said to bring luck and serendipity. It is a powerful totem to meditate with - we invite you to light the candle and channel the energies of the moss green crystal.