Air Dipping Bowl (Set of 4)
Air Dipping Bowl (Set of 4)
Air Dipping Bowl (Set of 4)
Air Dipping Bowl (Set of 4)
Air Dipping Bowl (Set of 4)
Air Dipping Bowl (Set of 4)
Air Dipping Bowl (Set of 4)

Air Dipping Bowl (Set of 4)

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Formless and adaptable, this element symbolizes the power of the mind over matter, the idea of positive change and creativity. It lets one engage with the world without judgment and creates a seamless flow of communication. Embrace the Air element and bring into your life the ability to tap into your creative intellect and connect to the universal life force.
Form & function unite to create these lovely dipping bowls that are versatile, easy on the eyes and long-lasting. Their stoneware construction makes them a buy you will enjoy for days to come, while their pleasing hues promise to complement existing tableware easily. There may be slight variations due to the handmade nature of the product.


Be it transient moments or everlasting memories; every second has been made up and witnessed by the elements that come together to create life as we know it. Celebrating & reveling in their power, Artisan Lab & GUR Organics by Pernia Qureshi bring you ELEMENTS — a homeware collection that translates the nature of each element seamlessly.
Watch as a blazing fire is gently stoked by a gust of air, only to be cooled by a stream of water that silently nurtures the earth’s fertility while the ether looks on, taking note and cocooning life itself. Experience how thoughtful design & craftsmanship attempt to mimic this cycle of eternity into pieces for the home that encourage moments where loved ones come together and celebrate what it means to be alive.


• Stoneware

• 100% Handmade.
• Dishwasher Safe.
• Microwave Safe.
• Food Safe.

Experience a homeware collection that attempts to mimic the powerful influence of Fire, Earth, Air, Water & Ether in our lives and translate it into everyday pieces that one can make their own for days to come. Crafted by hand, these pieces are made from quality stoneware known for its stone-like abilities that make it last longer. They are further adorned with pleasing hues that can be mixed & matched easily. We suggest picking from the array of pieces that the ELEMENTS collection offers to customise your space the way you want.