Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar




“I wanted to create instant joy and lend an aura of celebration with this tablescape, by using pastel-hued hydrangeas, eucalyptus, soft table linen, and a glimmer of gold.

A festive spread should always be abundant and bursting with personal touches for maximum impact. I recommend working with a colour story to simplify the process; my favourite is blue and white, with elements of green. The white gives breathing room, while touches of green pick up on the cool hues of blue and create harmony. Feel free to customise the spread according to the occasion: you can add metallic

touches to dress up the table, or natural elements like wood and jute for a more relaxed feel.

There are a few rules of thumb that I swear by: if the décor pieces are small, place them in a cluster, but if they are large, make sure they have enough room to get noticed.When playing with the height of the objects, remember that what you place next to the tallest piece should be slightly taller than its half-point.Also,include fresh flowers and foliage that are in season: lemons, fruit, or even fresh produce from the backyard. These will help create an instant emotional connect and deliver a winning table spread.”