Classic Crystal Candles

Classic Crystal Candles

Our patrons flock to our store and digital space for many reasons– thoughtful retail, sustainable choices, seasonal fare, engaging events, and quality offerings. But one thing they keep coming back to us for is our crystal candles that are a true embodiment of our brand ethos.

Founded to celebrate functional & indulgent design, we at Artisan Lab believe in the powers of slow retail and everyday luxury. That’s where our cult-favourite crystal candles come in. They combine a sleek silhouette, sustainable materials and the idea of everlasting luxury that makes them a joyful purchase.

The Silhouette

A smooth glass jar holds the fragrant candle and is equipped with a flat sturdy bottom that protects your surfaces from heat. The jar is further accompanied with a sleek cloche topped with a playful knob for an easy lift. Our range boasts lovely hues that glint when they catch the light.

Sustainable Nature

Starting from the material to the manufacturing, the candles are sustainable and ethical. They have been handcrafted from a custom blend of organic soy wax and essentials oils only to be hand-poured with care by experts. The crystals and glass that add the aesthetic quality to them are also reusable and long lasting.

The Variety

The crystal candles arrive in 9 wondrous fragrances that will take you on a journey of calm exploration. We invite you to take a closer look and pick your favourites.

Moonstone: Take in the calming aromas that rise as you light the Moonstone candle. They invite you to close your eyes and imagine paving your way at night-time with the full moon’s light illuminating gardens of tea, mint, vetiver, eucalyptus and rose. The soothing aromas are complimented with the iridescent glow of the moonstone crystal. Caress its surface to evoke the feminine energy of La Luna and heighten your sense of intuition.

Amethyst:Breathe in the fragrant notes of the Amethyst candle as you light it up. One sniff will transport you into an orchard of citrus trees that emit refreshing scents that delight. As you imagine yourself walking through the endless orchard, you pick up notes of honeyed Neroli blossoms, subtle spices and green metallics. The purple-hued stone once caressed will release a sense of calm and enhance intuition.

Onyx:Imagine yourself enjoying the warmth of a bonfire as you experience the fragrance of the Onyx candle. With a spicy and woody burn, it tickles the senses with a blend of white oud, sandalwood, musk, and jasmine. With the all-encompassing black hue and the ability to protect energy loss, the infused onyx crystal is powerful and grounding.

Tiger Eye: One whiff of the Tiger Eye candle and you will be transported to a land full of adventure. Experience the beauty of nature and explore how the subtle notes of sweet cedar wood make way for the stronger notes of spicy mandarin orange water, black pepper, neroli, tonka beans, amber, vanilla, vetiver, and white musk. The amber-hued stone promotes mental clarity and emotional stability.

Aventurine: The moment you light up the Aventurine candle, you will find yourself walking along the mysterious spice route and experiencing a bevy of scents like Indonesian patchouli, cinnamon, resin, and other exotic spices. The moss-green crystal is said to bring luck and serendipity.

Lapis Lazuli:Take in the refreshing aromas of the Lapis Lazuli candle as you light it up. As the aromas waft around you, you are taken to a tropical garden that promises tantalizing fragrances of flowering herbs and candied citrus with notes of sweet mandarin & orange blended with hints of basil & thyme. Caress the bright blue crystal and activate it to elevate creativity and self-awareness.

Rose Quartz: Bask in the soft glow of the Rose Quarts candle and allow yourself to be taken to an ornate garden full of blooming flowers that emit a heady floral fragrance that blends notes of jasmine, Madagascar ylang-ylang, rose, and lily. The beautiful pink crystal has the ability to channel unconditional love and open the heart chakra.

Crystal Quartz: Crystal Quartz: Find yourself calming down as you breathe in the aromas of the Crystal Quartz candle. Find yourself walking along the sea-shore and take in the scent of the ocean that blends notes of peppermint, eucalyptus, cedarwood, lemon, rosemary, and lavender. The clear crystal enhances intuition and subtly aligns

Jasper:Feel the subtle aromas of the Jasper candle ease calm you down as they gently envelop your surroundings. The sweet and spicy burn transports you to tea-time in England and tantalizes your senses with notes of white tea, crisp sliced pears, sparkling bergamot, apple, lemon, and a light whisper of peach and fresh-cut wood. The striking red hue of crystal has a strong connection to the Earth and has the ability to elevate spiritual grounding.

Whether you want to drive away the day’s blues, set the mood, add a touch of aesthetic flair or present a loved one with a treasured gift, these candles will definitely do the trick.

You can view the entire range of crystal candles and other candle options in out Candle Shop.

PRO TIP: Once the candle has let out its final fragrant notes, clean the glass container & cloche and use them to place lovely knick-knacks and mementoes. They will instantly dress-up your tables, dresser and can even act as a secret storage box for your nightstand!