Sustainable Offerings

Sustainable Offerings

At our core, we create with a reverence for the artisanal which also brings a deep respect for nature and its immense bounty.

Witnessing how our artisans are completely in-tune with Mother Nature has shifted our perspective and truly made us realize that ‘sustainability’ is not just another adjective for a product. It is rather an opportunity for us to do better, choose better, and feel better.

Sustainability translates into small decisions that change the way we eat, entertain, live, and most importantly consume on a daily basis. It impacts the little things that almost go unnoticed. Be it switching from cloth napkins to paper napkins that go in the bin; to using plastics instead of glass.

We believe that to be on the sustainability journey, one does not have to change overnight, rather look around deeply and identify the little things you can change with ease. This will create a natural process of change that can be maintained for a long time.

Artisan Lab looks at the design world with a sustainability lens and makes sure its offerings are as ethical as can be. Here’s a sneak peek into the beautiful offerings that are indulgent as well as sustainable:


Table Linen

Our private label creates consciously and maintains a high level of quality. Using natural yarns, our collection of table linen has soft pastel-hued offerings that come in custom cotton-linen blends and organdy touches.


A custom-blend of natural and recycled components that merge together to form a durable casting material. Ecomix enables us to bring you stylish decor accents that elevate spaces whilst having a positive impact on the planet.


Taking notice of the natural resources found in the country, we have commissioned the use of mangowood for a host of our designs. Mangowood is a sustainable source of hardwood that can be used for home furnishings.




With the simplicity of a succulent and the complexity of an entire ecosystem, these living, breathing works of art are a wonderful & eco-friendly alternative to a bouquet of cut flowers.




Celebrating age-old traditions and cultural inspiration from around the world, our handcrafted & handpainted terracotta collection is unique, rustic, and good for the planet!

An environmentally-friendly lifestyle needs to be promoted and nurtured!

The way we see such a lifestyle unfolding is a step at a time. To make one change even if it is imperfect is what matters. The idea is that you are conscientiously taking the time to make a difference.

Here’s to better choices and a better place to live in!