When the power of two sisters’ collides, it undoubtedly results in a stupendous culinary adventure.


 In the world of cake, especially if you’re like us and are on some secret quest to eat all the cake in the world, it’s easy for one spongey creamy concoction to get confused with another. But our recent visit to Artisan Lab introduced us to a very fresh, new infatuation, and after many a clandestine meetings, we found ourselves thinking, hey...this one is not like all the other cakes. It’s special. Maybe... it’s the one.

The concept

Brainchild of two sisters Noor and Neimat Sethi, Artisan Lab is a concept store and café, envisioned as a place to explore décor and delectable dishes, at a languishing pace. With chic, modern series of interlinked floors and rooms, it takes you on a journey of discovery through bold display fixtures as well as glass-bricked walls. Every architectural element stands out as a prominent feature. It inspires you by exploring geometry in doorway arches and using bold display fixtures as well as glass-bricked walls that diffuse the light fluidly through out the space.

The pick

Among all the entrées we tried, one that had our heart set on it, was the Pastel del tres leches. This traditional butter sponge is soaked in three types of milk served with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon. Each bite of this cloud like goodness, melted in our mouth within seconds. 

The harmony

When two bright minds set out together to achieve a goal, they are bound to achieve excellence; Noor being the Creative Director and Neimat being the Head Chef. Their collection also features distinctive limited edition pieces created in collaboration with emerging artists, designers and artisans. It is where you will find the find work of craftspeople and homegrown creatives, all under one roof, and you will be able to unwind as you browse their wonderful creations. 

Artisan Lab, N-block Market GK1, New Delhi.