Le Souq - The Diwali Edit

Le Souq - The Diwali Edit


A festival that ignites in people joy and anticipation months before its arrival. First, the winds mark the change, then come the lights and gatherings till the festivities end with full bellies, unwrapped gifts, and new traditions. 

We embraced this festival a little differently, combining the true essence of culture, the meaning of family, and celebration to weave a story that would take you into unchartered waters and leave you mesmerized. 

Le Souq simply translated to ‘the market’ but so much more than that….

The Experience

The promise of mysterious explorations, witnessing magic, and finding treasures that delight, comes an experience like no other.

Set off on a journey to explore wonders that reveal themselves when you move into our passages lined with arched doorways, where at every stop there is a photograph wishing to be taken, jewellery glinting to be adorned, and kaftans fluttering to be touched.

Artisan Lab weaves itself into the embroidered fabric of Marrakesh and brings alive the spirit of the medieval city. Dotted with semi-precious stones and traditional techniques of craftsmanship, the collection offers tea and tableware, glassware, accent furniture, jewel-toned candles, hand-painted terracotta pots, home accessories, and much more.


Exclusive Offerings  - The Hand of Fatima

The Hand of The Goddess, a mystical talisman known for its powers to bring good luck is intricately adorned over the porcelain skin of the dinnerware. The design hints at its origins by using symbols that come from the ancient lands of Morroco.

The crisp translucency of the bone china contrasts brilliantly with the shades of azure and 24-carat gold used to bring alive the geometric patterns that are abundantly found in Marrakesh. You can find the silhouettes of the elusive archways, the design sense that dots the traditional lanterns and the reflection of a Morrocan night sky. 

The collection features an entire array of dinnerware which is designed to celebrate abundance and the true essence of the ever-present Hamsa.


The Flavours of Morroco

The cafe unleashed its expertise by curating a special menu and creating authentic delicacies that transported folks to the streets and hidden nooks of Morroco. Crunchy baklava to the aromatic tea, the flavours entrapped everybody. 

Moments of Discovery 

We combined our reverence for the artisanal and our penchant for discovering curiosities with the story of Marrakesh we wanted to tell to bring about two unique experiences. 


The Lost Art of Calligraphy

A live calligraphy session that celebrated the written world by beautifully adorning parchment with the words of the master poet, Rumi. The scrolls then acted as momentos that one could carry home and cherish forever. 



The Mysterious Powers of Tarot

A tête-à-tête with the Woodstock Witch to unravel the secrets of destiny and fortune through the means of tarot cards. Readings and diving deep into the mysteries of people with the sight, engaged everyone present. 

Le Souq was a way through which we expressed our love for all things Diwali. It came, delighted, and went back through the portals of design into our books of inspiration. It might come back to deliver yet another unique experience. After all, it is all in the cards that speak of destiny and fortune.