Artisan Lab's Noel

Artisan Lab's Noel

December, a month close to our hearts for more reasons than one frigid temperatures, Christmas and the upcoming New Year!  But one of these makes sure we are in cheerful spirits even before the month hits, which is the festival of Christmas.

Merging traditions, both old & new, Artisan Lab’s Noel is a celebration that brings all your Christmas fantasies to life. 


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

Winter nudges us to put our boots on and enjoy the festivities of the holiday season. While the soft greys set in, the vivids hues of greens and reds come out, and every surface is showered with light and tinsel. And we can’t help but say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

Every home has its traditions, be it binging on Christmas movies or cookies, families tend to inch closure during the holidays. Plans are made, trees are decorated, brunches are scheduled, all-spice is ground, and candy cane is bought.

Savouring these beautiful experiences and listening to carols on loop, we were inspired to create an experience that will take you to a place where miracles, positivity, and all things nice exist.

Artisan Lab’s Noel is an all-immersive experience where you will find tiny nooks to curl-up in and sip on hot chocolate. The aroma of the baked goodies will lead you to the café that promises a menu full of holiday treats. Every hall is ringing with the sweet melody of carols and hymns while the beautiful products entice you to indulge. Small tokens of joy are the tree-toppers this season.



Exclusive Offerings

The Wreath-Making Workshop 

A hands-on Christmas experience, the wreath-making workshop is a way to bring together loved ones and take home a memento of the holiday season. A symbol originally created to mark the everlasting circle of life, a wreath is synonymous with the holidays. They are created from resources that pay homage to nature and stand for hope, prosperity, and good luck. Other than being an important symbol, they bring beauty to every corner, whether they are adorning the front door, a Christmas tree or even a cozy nook. 

This unique experience allowed everyone to don their artistic hats and create their symbol of good cheer! Using great materials like green foliage, rustic pine cones, sparkling ornaments, bows, and glitter, everyone made their personal wreaths they could carry back home.



Holiday Treats

Special Menu for the Season

Hearty, warm and delicious is what comes to mind when we think of a Christmas meal! Our Café’s take on a traditional holiday meal resulted in a feast that delighted tastebuds and doused the senses with the spirit of Christmas.

We encouraged patrons to start with sipping on refreshing drinks or warm brews as they settled down & mulled over our offerings. The Christmas menu enticed them with lightly dressed locally-sourced greens, rich and scrumptious mains & comforting sides that boasted beautifully prepared potatoes. Ending the gourmet journey with delectable sweet treats, the menu urged them to indulge. 


A Bubble of Festive Cheer 

As one would step into the open space lit with the winter sun, they would be enveloped in a happy bubble of festive cheer. A space for celebration, a space for indulging and a space for exploring, our floors were abuzz with activity. From the abundant tree’s branches bowing under the weight of sparkling ornaments, the large pile of beautiful presents, the festive foliage, the warm & inviting fragrance of the café above to the overwhelming tune of carols, Artisan Lab’s Noel was a way to appreciate the true essence of Christmas - feeling joy.