Masai Sphere
Masai Sphere
Masai Sphere

Masai Sphere

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Africa, a land that ignites wonder in us all and promises adventures that will last a lifetime. The mighty jungles, the diverse culture and the arts enamour everyone that lay eyes upon them. The Africana Collection tries to encapsulate the unique aesthetic of the Red Island. Hand-crafted & hand-painted creations are enhanced with indigenous patterns & brilliant hues that speak of history, values & traditions, most of which glorify the natural bounty of mother nature. A peek will entrap and a closer look will surely bewitch.


Our Masai Sphere is inspired by the glorious land of Africa and has been hand-made from sustainable terracotta. Once hand-painted in earthy hues, the unique creation is baked and then touched-up again with long-lasting paint.


• Terracotta

• Clean with a dry cloth or brush.

This decor piece with its earthy hues is a great way to add some warmth to a space. Pick one or two colours that the sphere carries and match your soft linen with them. This will help you bring harmony to your decor.